Jubilee Audio Bible in a woman's voice

The Jubilee Bible is a unique, consistent word-for-word translation that can be used as a “go-to” resource for your Bible studies, evangelism, and other ministries. Its similarity in language to the King James Version makes it a Bible people love.

With the Jubilee Audio Bible player, you can listen to every word of the New Testament beautifully and clearly narrated in a woman’s voice. The soothing and comforting tones add to the inspiring messages of the Scripture to bring joy to your heart and peace of mind.

The Jubilee Audio Bible in a woman’s voice is ideal for your personal studies; it can be used in your evangelism and missionary ministries and makes a perfect gift. You can carry this compact and convenient Bible with you anywhere. It has easy-to-use features making navigation simple with just the click of a button and will even talk back to you.