Dramatized Audio Bible - Alexander Scourby - KJV Bible on CD

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• Complete KJV Bible on 59 audio CDs
• Both Old Testament and New Testament
• Fully dramatized version of the KJV Bible;Alexander Scourby narrates the bridge text where there are no characters speaking.
• Comes in zipper carrying case
• Digital format for crystal clear sound
• Each CD has each chapter indexed on its on track to easily find the chapter you want to listen to.
Voice narrator/Artist:
• Narrated by Alexander Scourby
• Alexander Scourby worked in both radio and television as both a narrator and actor
• Alexander Scourby was the first person to make a complete recording of the Bible in 1944.
• Alexander Scourby made voice recordings of over 500 different books, he considered the Bible to be his most important
Translation Information:
• King James Version
• The KJV is a word for word translation.
• Number of Translators: 54
• The King James Version was originally published in 1611.

63 Reviews

  • 2
    Dramatization Detracts from the Message

    Posted by Robert Loper

    While the narration of Alexander Scourby is superb, the dramatization has a decidedly amateur flavor. The actor who portrays Jesus has a somewhat irritating voice and insists on non-standard pronunciation of such words.

  • 5

    Posted by Tanya Wohner

    This is the most awesome item I have ever purchased. Almost every night my cd player comes on with different books of the Bible and following along just brings the Word Alive! I am so grateful that this AVKJ Bible can be not only listened to but read. Thank you very much.

  • 3
    King James Bible Complete on 59 CDs (Dramatized) by Alexander Scourby

    Posted by Racquel S Allen

    The audio bible is nice, and the music is scenes sound good. however after a little while some of the cds did not work properly and would play.

  • 5
    King James Bible CDs (Dramatized) by Alexander Scourby

    Posted by david tomblin

    real good source

  • 5
    Great for everyday.

    Posted by James Souza

    Great product. Dramatization brings the Bible to life and helps you to visualize the events. Makes it easy to read through your Bible, especially the more difficult chapters. Great aid in reading your Bible through in 1 year. Will work well also for Bible reading in family devotions or travelling.

  • 4
    Good anointing...

    Posted by Robert W. Burke

    As I have listened to several other audio bibles, the Scourby KJV seems to have a better anointing. The words are not spoken too fast. The work seems to gain anointing in the New Testament. Let everyone with spiritual ears to hear, hear!

  • 5
    The Word of GOD

    Posted by kenneth harris

    The word of GOD dramatized lets you really devide who is talking and how many at any given time. like when JESUS is talking to his deciples it is easy to tell when there are more than two or three involved in the conversation.Plus i listen to these cd's all the time,And if your BORN AGAIN you will.

  • 5
    Bible on CD

    Posted by Mary M. Reese

    We have really enjoyed the Bible on CDs from this comapny. Would highly recommend to everyone searching for an easier way to enjoy the bible. The shipment arrived fast and in great condition.

  • 5

    Posted by Shirley Mullins

    I highly recommed this for every home. This is a great way to learn the Bible, it totally captivated me and I love to listen to these cds over and over. Beautifully done.

  • 5
    KJV A.S.

    Posted by Robert Vincent

    EXCELLENT is the only way to describe this CD set.

  • 5
    Rating Audio Bible

    Posted by Dalinda Roberts

    I loved this version . . . i gave it to a friend that doesn't like to read . . . it was a blessing!

  • 4

    Posted by keith cole

    I really enjoy this dramatized version, I spend a lot of time traveling. It was easy to just play the CD, or load it onto my Ipod. I find I have a lot of time to listen to God's word as I drive on a day to day basis. Listening to the different voices really keeps you tuned into what is being said.