Arabic Audio Bible reading

Easy access to the Arabic Audio Bible has changed the way we spread the gospel to those who speak Arabic. It has broken down the language barrier so that Christian and non-Christian Arabic-speakers can listen to and understand the inspirational messages in their own tongue.

Millions of people can now find it easier to build their faith and share the gospel with friends, family, and anyone who will listen. It is also a great tool for evangelism, bible studies, and group ministries. The quality of the translation is excellent, and it is beautifully narrated for all to hear. The mission to spread the Word of God to Arabic-speaking people in the ends of the earth is definitely easier.

Finding your way through the Arabic Audio Bible can be done with little effort. You can locate any chapter and book in the Old or New Testament by the click of a button. It is so interactive—it will even talk back to you. Can you imagine the joy of hearing about God’s love and mercy in your own language? Now, you can!