Russian Synodal Audio Bible reading

It is estimated that only half of the people in Russia, the largest country in the world are Christians. We know that there is an ever-increasing need for these wonderful people to have access to and own their own Bibles. That’s why we have increased our stock of the complete Bible both the Old and New Testament in a variety of formats in the Russian language. You can download it to your iPod or MP3 devices or get a Russian Audio Bible Player. Either way, hearing and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ is just a click away. Having the Bible in these formats can change your life, bring hope to others, and build your faith. They are user-friendly and designed to be used by both the young and old. Thanks to Audio Bible, the language barrier has been broken and evangelism, bible studies, personal devotions and other ministries can be revived. No more challenges in trying to read or teach the messages in a different language, get the Bible in a form that you can understand and use with ease. Navigate every chapter and book with just the click of a button and listen as the Bible is read aloud clearly and accurately.