French Audio Bible reading

It’s the beloved language of some 220 million people on the planet who need to have access to the powerful messages of the Bible. But how can we accomplish that in a way that impacts and transforms lives? Only by breaking down the language barriers and presenting the message in the language of the people.

The French Audio Bible has changed the way the French access and listen to the Old and New Testament books. Every chapter has been translated and narrated beautifully on this compact and convenient device.

Having this gadget makes life easier for French-speaking Christians and non-Christians everywhere who want to learn more about what God has to say. Additionally, it paves the way for pastors, missionaries, evangelist, and other ministers of the gospel to be more effective in their ministries. It is also the perfect gadget for those who want to enhance their personal devotions, have small group studies or who just want to relax and listen to the most inspirational messages ever.