Hungarian Audio Bible reading

Native Hungarian speakers need the gospel in a language they can understand. In Hungary alone, some 9 million people speak this language, with another 4 million living in other countries of the world. Everyone needs to benefit from and enjoy the Bible but language barriers have limited its reach.

Thanks to the Hungarian Audio Bible player, all Hungarian speakers can listen to and understand the Old and New Testament like never before. Each chapter is clearly and professionally narrated bringing the Scriptures to life in a meaningful and inspiring way. Its amazing features allow for convenience and easy navigation by the click of a button. This gadget is compact so you can carry it anywhere, and it is so interactive, it will talk back to you.

Get the Hungarian Audio Bible player to reach others or for your personal use. It is a wonderful device for evangelism and missionary efforts, personal Bible studies, gifts, to share with friends and family or to simply listen and enjoy the Bible.