Japanese Audio Bible player, The Bible in Japanese language

To every tribe, nation, and tongue, that’s where the Good News has to go. Included in that outreach are the 125 million people who speak Japanese. Language should never be a barrier to sharing the gospel with those in dire need and Christians who need to build their faith. Those bridges can be broken down.

The Japanese Audio Bible does just that. It gives every Japanese-speaking individual an opportunity to listen to the entire New and Old Testament books in a tongue they understand. Listening to the messages of the Bible clearly narrated builds your confidence in what you are hearing; you no longer have to struggle to translate or interpret.

Equipped with earphones, speakers and extremely user-friendly features, this Audio Bible is the perfect tool to make sharing the gospel with your friends, families, and congregations more effective, and it enhances your missionary and evangelism efforts. You get to experience the Bible in a new and more meaningful way as you use it in your own private devotions.