Pick your Audio Bible by version

You might like a summary of some of the most popular Bible translations available.

King James Commissioned by King James I of England, this translation is still recognized for the beauty of its language which dates from the time of William Shakespeare.

New International Called "international" because it is trans denominational and contains the work of many scholars from many English-speaking nations, the NIV is a straightforward translation in contemporary English.

New King James This translation updates the language of the King James Version, changing archaic inflections and obsolete words, while preserving its basic literary structure.

Catholic Bible NAB This is the first complete American Catholic Bible translated from the original languages. Its style is more direct than that of the Jerusalem Bible.

New American Standard Especially popular among Evangelicals and others who want a word-for-word translation of the original manuscripts, this translation was prepared as an update of the 1901 American Standard Version (ASV).

Spanish Bible This Spanish-language Protestant Bible is stylistically equivalent to the KJV (1569, 1909 revisions), the RSV (1960), NRSV (1990) or the NAS (1977)

New Living Translation Using Kenneth Taylor's paraphrase, The Living Bible, as a base, a team of 90 Bible scholars worked for seven years, carefully comparing each verse with the Greek and Hebrew Scriptures to produce a true translation that is accurate and easy to understand.

English Standard The ESV uses the classic principles of word-for-word translation and literary excellence as exemplified by the KJV and most recently the RSV. Highly accurate, the ESV closely reflects the original meaning of the text in clear, readable, enduring English.

Holman Christian Standard The HCSB is an accurate, readable Bible in contemporary English. The HCSB was translated by an international team of 100 scholars from 17 denominations.

Good News Bible The Good News Bible is a very good and accurate translation. It is easy to read and uses understandable modern English. The Good News Translation, formerly called the Good News Bible or Today's English Version, was first published as a full Bible in 1976 by American Bible Society as a "common language" Bible. It provides a clear and simple modern translation.