Telugu Bible reading in audio format

It’s easier now than ever to share the gospel with the millions of people in the world who speak Telugu, one of India’s primary languages. Thanks to the Telugu Audio Bible: men, women, boys, and girls can hear the Old and New Testament read aloud in their own language. It’s a blessing for those who are direly in need of hearing the Word of God. The reality is, that there are very few Bibles in this language, that’s why this amazing translation is so necessary. Our Telugu Audio Bible makes it easier for the Word of God to be understood, and it is easily accessible. Compact in size, you can carry it with you anywhere and searching through the Bible is as simple as clicking a button chapter by chapter, book by book. Evangelists, pastors, preachers, family and friends now have an alternative way of spreading the Good News to those who need it. It can also be used in your personal devotions or be given as a gift to someone. Having the Telugu Audio Bible removes the language barrier so that bringing another person to Jesus is just a click away.