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Arabic Bible As one of the earliest Bible translations, the Arabic translation is deeply rooted in history. There’s something to be learned from a language that originated relatively close to where the Bible’s most notable writers lived and died. Arabic is still spoken natively in several countries to this day.


English Bible The earliest translations of the Bible into English stem from the 7th century. Since then, the good news of Jesus Christ has been made available to about 42 English-speaking countries all over the world. Of course, not everyone who can read English wants to or is able to read the Word of God. But thanks to some faithful translators long ago, language is no longer a barrier.


French Bible There are more French Bible translations than can be listed here, but all of them are equally influential. Each one has inspired the beginning and growth of various French Catholic and Protestant churches. The Word of God still continues to reach people in French-speaking countries, even in the 21st century.


German Bible Germany is home to millions of people, each with a different story, a different life, and a different struggle. God cares for all of these people, and one of the ways He has chosen to reach out to them is through His Word. Now, the Word can be shared with countless German-speakers through our specialized audio Bibles.


Hebrew Bible It can be hard to relate to someone who lives in a different country, among a completely different culture. But if there’s one thing that unites you, it’s your need for the everlasting love of God. Those who speak Hebrew may not share your language, but they share an inherent longing for something more. This audio Bible is meant to help them find exactly what they need His Word.


Japanese Bible The large population of Japan presents an overwhelming opportunity to preach the gospel to the lost. Despite the great number of people who call Japan their home, we believe that every life matters. Help get the good news into the hands of one of these lives by buying one of our Japanese audio Bibles today.


Mandarin Chinese Bible Mandarin, like all forms of Chinese, was one of the hardest languages to translate, mainly due to the difficulty of converting regional dialects into words on a page. Despite complications, though, a Mandarin Chinese translation finally became a reality. For over a century, Mandarin speakers have been able to access and study the Word of God.


Romanian Bible In 1688, Nicolae Milescu was the first to complete a Romanian translation of the Bible. Two main translations are used today- one primarily by the Catholic Church and the other primarily by Protestants. Approximately 24 million Romanian-speaking people can now read and hear scripture in their native language.


Russian Bible Although the first attempts to translate the Bible into Russian began in the 1500s, it wasn’t until 1751 that a Russian Bible was produced and widely distributed among the public. Many new versions have recently been made available to help the Russian people better understand the message of Christ.


Spanish Bible The first Spanish translation of the Bible was recorded more recently than you might think. Only about 70 years ago, the quest to convert the gospel into Spanish began. 20 countries currently declare Spanish as their national language, and for the most part, all of them are now able to read and comprehend the Bible with cultural ease.


Tagalog Bible Tagalog is a language you may or may not have heard of. It is mainly spoken in the Philippines and currently has about 57 million speakers, however. That’s a substantial amount of people who need the gospel, and fortunately, they can now access it in Tagalog translations.


Telugu Bible Not surprisingly, not a lot of attention is given to the Telugu language. This is tragic, as many of its speakers do not have easy access to the Word of God in their own mother tongue language. We seek to show these people that we have not forgotten them and neither has God, through the Telugu Bible you can listen using the of Telugu audio Bible.