Italian Audio Bible reading

It’s exciting and inspiring for the over 61 million Italian speakers living all over the world to have access to the Bible in their mother tongue. What better way to grow spiritually, build your faith and share the gospel with friends and family than in a language that’s easy to understand?

The Italian Audio Bible Player breaks down the language barriers, eliminates the struggle to figure out what is being said, and simply makes the Bible experience refreshing. With the simple click of a button, you can listen to each chapter and verse read aloud by the best narrators who bring the Bible to life.

Listen as you relax, share with friends or have your personal devotions. Missionaries, evangelists, and other ministers of the gospel will also find this gadget very handy. The Italian Audio Bible player is sturdy, reliable, and so compact you can take it anywhere. Its raised buttons and other user-friendly features make it a helpful and must-have tool for the elderly and a great alternative for non-readers. Plus, it’s so interactive it will talk back to you.