Polish Bible New Testament

Polish is the first language of millions of people all over the world, and it is essential they have access to the Bible in their native tongue. That’s why the Polish Audio Bible player is a “must-have.” You can listen to the great teachings and life changing lessons of the New Testament like never before. Each chapter is read aloud with clarity and precision in Polish.

This Audio Player lets you enjoy the Scriptures without the language barriers. There is no need for translators and interpreters. It is compact and easy to travel with; you will love the fact that by the click of a button you can move from chapter to chapter. Plus, it has a long battery life, is easy to charge, and it is so interactive – it will talk back to you.

If you want to share the gospel in small groups, listen to it aloud in your own personal settings, use it for evangelism and missionary outreach or just be inspired as you go about your daily tasks, the Polish Audio Bible is the perfect gadget to have.