Greek Audio Bible reading

Millions of Greek-speakers can listen to the Bible in their own language anywhere and anytime. With the Greek Audio Bible player, the language barriers that once existed have been removed and Greeks can easily understand every word of the Old and New Testament.

The Greek Audio Bible player lets you browse the Bible with the simple click of a button. You can move from one chapter to another with ease. It is convenient, compact, reliable, and so interactive it will guide you through your search. Listen and enjoy as you exercise, commute, or relax.

Are you an evangelist, missionary or pastor? This gadget is guaranteed to enhance your ministry and make touching the lives of Greek-speakers easier. Do you want to build your faith? Use the Greek Audio Bible in your personal devotions or share the gospel with others in group studies. You will be revived and refreshed.

Its professional narration, high-quality sound, raised buttons and other amazing user-friendly features make this audio player ideal for the elderly and non- readers.