Mandarin Chinese Audio Bible reading

An astounding 960 million people speak Mandarin, one of the top 10 common languages in the world. Within this group are those who have never heard the gospel or have not had the privilege to hear it in their own language. Being able to listen to the Word of God in a tongue that you can relate to and understand can make a big difference.

That’s why we have made the Mandarin Chinese Audio Bible easily available to everyone. Each verse of this amazing book, the Bible, has been perfectly narrated in a clear and concise Mandarin tongue. There will be no need to struggle through poor translations or ask for an interpreter every time you want to hear the Word.

Whether you are an evangelist, pastor, preacher, missionary or someone who just desires to learn more and hear more of the Bible, this is an excellent gadget for you. It is so easy to use that you can find your way through each chapter and book by simply touching a button, its compact size makes it convenient to carry and it is so interactive—it will even talk back to you.