How to Load my Audio Bible on my iPod, iPhone or iPad


This is a brief tutorial on downloading your Audio Bible onto an Apple iPod.

You'll first want to import the contents of your Audio Bible into iTunes. As a critical first step, we'll need to copy the contents of the disk onto the hard drive. Just find a handy folder. Your "My Documents" folder should work just fine, and drag individual books or all of them onto the folder to copy.

Then launch iTunes. From the File menu, choose "Add Folder to Library" and choose the book you wish to add. I'll just do the Book of Luke for the sake of demonstrating, but you can import the entire Audio Bible in the same manner. To aid in locating your files on your iPod, I find it helpful to add a special "Audio Bible" playlist to your Library. That way whenever you're in the mood for a little scripture as opposed to music or audio books, you know right where to look on your device.

Sorting by "Date Added" is an easy way of locating your recently imported files. Just click on the first file in the series, find the last one, and shift-click to select them all. Then simply drag the tracks over to add it to your Audio Bible playlist. Provided you have automatic synchronization setup in iTunes, your files will transfer automatically to the iPod the very next time you synchronize.

This concludes our tutorial. Thanks for watching.