Tamil Bible reading in audio format

Some 120 million people in the world speak Tamil. That’s a significant number of individuals to be reached with the life-changing message of the gospel. One thing is certain, to touch the lives of the general Tamil speaking population, we must do so in a language they know and understand.

Thanks to the Tamil Audio Bible, the Word of God can now be heard in the language of the people. No longer will the barriers of communication be a problem. The entire Old and New Testament books of the Bible have been translated into Tamil and beautifully narrated for you to hear.

Evangelists, preachers, lay persons and anyone who wants to listen to the inspiring teachings in this amazing book can do so with just the click of a button. It’s easy-to-use navigation features, convenient size, and excellent quality make it ideal for missionary work, church services, Bible studies, sharing with friends or for your own personal devotions. Having the Tamil Audio device brings you one step closer to building and sharing your faith.

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