Romanian Audio Bible reading

Language barriers have always been a problem for those spreading the gospel to non-English speakers. That truth is no different for the 24 million people in the world who speak Romanian. For them, listening to a version of the Bible they can understand will make a big difference. They need to hear the life-changing messages of the Bible in their mother tongue.

The Romanian Audio Bible is the solution. It provides an excellent narration of the entire Old and New Testament books of the Bible so that both young and old can enjoy without a struggle. Every word can be heard clearly with a high-quality sound. Its user-friendly features make it easy to peruse chapters and books of the Bible at your leisure by just the touch of a button.

Romanian Christians, pastors, evangelists, missionaries and just about anyone can take this simple device anywhere for their personal use or to share the Word of God with others. This wonderful gadget has made growing in the Christian faith and helping others to do so a whole lot easier for Romanian speakers.