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Customer comments from around the world


Thank you so much. The audio Bible is for my parents who are 84 & 86. It is difficult for them to read due to poor eyesight & physical weakness. That God's Word is available to them in this form is truly a blessing. He says that a service done for one of His children is done unto Him. His reward is great.

Miriam Davidson, London, Ontario, CANADA

I just received my CD audio bible. I am really impressed with the quality of the product. Thank you very much. God bless you and your business.

Anizio Alves Borges, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL

Using them on my computer and Ipod I can have my spirit drip fed on the Word of God all day long, whether at home at the p.c. or in my car, or walking. I've bought an IPod pillow so i can lay in bed at night and fall asleep listening to the Word, and even wake up listening to the Word. I can even teach people to read the bible as they can follow word for word listening on an iPod and whilst looking at the printed word.

I was skeptical about the sound quality and tone of the narrators voices; but listening to the sound clips and seeing they sound just as good all the way through won me over and I would highly recommend owning at least two or three versions.

You are providing a quality product at such low prices. It was even cheaper and saved money to buy from your company in the U.S.A. than to buy from Christian bookshops in the U.K.

Andy Ewing - Sidcup, Kent, GREAT BRITAIN

The purchase process and the customer service were very efficient and straightforward for the order that was placed. Regarding the shipping process, the CDs were received in a safe package to Chile in South America, the CDs were received according to the expected time range, meeting the delivery schedules.

Luis Tapia, Rancagua, CHILE

Through listening the Bible (I have NIV New Testament CD set purchased from your site), I believe God is speaking to me and He always gives me the right word at the right time. I did not have any skeptical thought about your site, no surprises.

Hitomi Takahashi, JAPAN

As a Bible Worker, I need to read out the Bible verses with realistically to my contacts who aren't necessarily interested in the Bible Study. That was the reason I bought, but it was actually more than that. Every morning I read Bible in Korean(My mother's tongue.), and i read again in English with this Audio Bible, and it has been really blessing to me to hear the word of God so powerfully digging into my heart and feel God's presence in me.

I was a bit worried that it might not be dramatic or realistic enough for me to learn how to read out in front of people who need something attractive. I heard some other Audio Bible, but I didn't like them much. They just read out without any passion or feelings. One of my friend recommanded this, and I wasn't sure wether this one is right one. But I've got the RIGHT ONE!

I was firstly surprised with the reasonable price and secondly with the quick delivery even though I live in Australia. And when I open and operate the MP3 files, I was thirdly surprised with the form of operating it. I was expect it to be merely just MP3 files. But it had a program to operate, and it was through Adove Reader. I was amazed with how organized it is! And forthly I was surprised with the quality of the contents of the Audio Bible. It was really helpful to me, even though it was a bit fast to me.(I'm not good at English.) Lastly, I was surprised with the continuous feedback e-mail and the care for the customers!
Thank you!
Sincerely yours,

Sun Koh, Taree, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

Hello Sirs, I got the dramatized audio bible KJV read by Stephen Johnston several ,month ago and it really blessed me out of my socks. There is hardly any better way to deepen what you read in your bible anyway just by listening to the precious Word of God again and again early in the morning together with your breakfast or when you sit down relax in the afternoon. As living in Europe ordering stuff from the US sometimes takes several months to be delivered and it was so good to see that your company is absolutely reliable with the quality of your products as well as the promptness of delivery. I can recommend your company.
God bless you

Richard Forth, Hannover, GERMANY

This was purchased as a gift for my recently blinded 93 year old father - it has immeasurably deepened his biblical knowledge. I had been a bit skeptical about the ease of listening to the CDs, I was pleasantly surprised about the high quality of the recordings and the speed of delivery.

Paul Thiessen, Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA

God wrote the bible so we could have a relationship with him. Any time you spend more and more time with someone, you get to know them better. As I spend more time listening to his word, I learn more about him - and how wonderful and fearful, and mighty he is. My faith is strengthened by listening to his word, and repeating and meditating on his word.

There is always an element of unknown when you deal with a company for the first time - will they deliver the product, will the product be what you expected, will it arrive in a timely manner, etc... I appreciated the follow-up that my order had been shipped, and then the survey, which I filled out.

I really love listening to God's word. We brought our cd's to my father in law and showed him how he could listen. He liked it so much, we left them for him and will reorder for us again !

Danita, Campbell River, British Columbia, CANADA

My relationship with God is more sound in terms of how I interpret his word. I also realized that I had a deeper understanding of some verses that i had read previously after listening to the same and re-reading the verses again. I was not sure that I would get the product as advertised. I was pleasantly surprised about the quick e-mail confirmation via e-mail and product delivery.
Thank You,

Phoebe W. Kagumba, Mississauga, Ontario, CANADA

I can study the Word while driving, riding my bike, walking the dog. All the time I can listen to, meditate on, and enjoy the Word of God. The quality and price of products, I was amazed at how quick your order arrived to my overseas destination.
Brilliant, thank you.

Aeron, EAST PERTH, Western Australia, AUSTRALIA

I did not know a lot about God and His words, but with Audio Bible i learn and understand a lot, i gone through more with this than reading the bible myself. as soon as i learn a new law in the bible, i correct myself, it deepened me by, (i know going to church.)

I was concerned with will i get my order , or there will be running around, and take fore ever to shipped, this company is great. i was surprise when i got my order so quick, i said wow, this company do what they tell you, (e.g.) they told me it will ship the next day, and they did, and i live in Canada. all i can say is WOW, i pass on your number to other people.

Marlene Ellis, North York, Ontario, CANADA

It has given me an easy way to be able to listen to the Word of God outside of Mass. Whether in the car or when going to sleep, the new times when I am able to learn about God has been invaluable for my relationship with him. It has enabled me to be better defend my faith. I am now able to easily and persuasively quote scripture to fight attacks against the truth. Every good Christian should know scripture and having an Audio Bible makes it easier to learn the critical knowledge that we need to stay in a state of Grace and to join Jesus in his kingdom. I was unsure about the quality of the translations and ease of use. Both were found to be untrue, it was of exceptional quality in general and very easy to use. When problems did arise they were dealt with quickly and easily. I was surprised at how great the customer service was. From ordering and shipping, to fixing technical difficulties with the downloading of the CD files it was done with the loving heart of Jesus and care for every customer.

Nicholas McLeod, Oakville, Ontario, CANADA

Good afternoon,
I have been thinking about owning a set of audio bible which would allow me to listen while I am reading. Now I have found out that audio Bible has more functions. For example, before Good Friday, from the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, I copied the relevant chapters before Jesus died, and I pasted them in the same folder; therefore, I could play them in the same playlist. I listened to these chapters again and again. This helped me to review every detail about how Jesus died for us and it helped me to understand how great God's love to us.

I did not have many experience of buying article online. The stories about credit card cheating make me be reluctant to use credit card buying online. Now I have found out that paying with cheque is probably a safer way. I had a strong feeling that I can get the audio book smoothly. Even so, when I saw the envelop in my mail box, I still could not hold my tears. I felt so grateful because it proves that someone take care the me. When I opened the box of the audio Bible, it was amazing to see that discs had been placed careful under the seals. That is a very considerate design. Once again, I appreciate your efforts to help people to learn God.
God bless your business,

Chaoheng (Annie) Meng, Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA

I have received and installed the TNIV audio bible on my mp3 reader. This is a real blessing. Thank you for your fast delivery and your ministry.
In Christ,

Michel Alary, Montreal, CANADA