Electronic Bible player - Electronic Bible reader

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an electronic Bible?

An electronic Bible is a handheld Audio Bible device that has the Audio Bible, both Old and New Testament pre loaded on the device.

Is there an electronic Bible?

Yes there are many electronic Bibles. There are 10 English versions of the electronic Bible and 31 foreign language electronic Bibles.

What is the Best Electronic Bible?

The best electronic Bible is the KJV Electronic Bible. Some reasons are,
1. The King James version is a very popular version of the Bible.
2. The King James Audio Bible reading read by Dr. Paul Mims is a slow and relaxing reading of the KJV Bible.
3. The EASIEST Electronic Bible is VERY EASY to use.
4. The Electronic Bible automatically plays from chapter to chapter and book to book.
5. FREE shipping in the USA, plus International shipping is available. Your receive a 60 day money back guarantee.

Is there an audio version of the Bible?

Yes there are many audio versions of the Bible. The audio versions of the Bible comes in several different audio formats. Including, Electronic Bible, Downloadable Audio Bibles, Bible on CD, Bible on DVD, Bible MP3 format.

What are the top 5 Electronic Bibles

1. KJV Electronic Bible, go here https://audiobible.com/kjv-electronic-bible/
2. NIV Electronic Bible, go here https://audiobible.com/niv-electronic-bible/
3. NKJV Electronic Bible, go here https://audiobible.com/nkjv-electronic-bible/
4. ESV Electronic Bible, go here https://audiobible.com/esv-electronic-bible/
5. NLT Electronic Bible, go here https://audiobible.com/nlt-electronic-bible/