FREE One year Bible online in audio - King James Bible Online

The One year Bible online is a FREE one year Bible for you to enjoy listening to the Bible. The 1189 chapters of the Bible have already been grouped into 365 days. The daily Audio Bible reading generally runs about 12 minutes for each day. So you can start at any day you want and listen to the Bible as you like. Click on the Day numbers below and start listening to the Bible in one year. This one year Bible is the King James Version Bible. We hope you will enjoy, Thank you and God Bless. Click on any number below to hear the One Year Bible reading in audio.
Day 1 to 50
Day 51 to 100
Day 101 to 150
Day 151 to 200
Day 201 to 250
Day 251 to 300
Day 301 to 350
Day 351 to 365