Hindi Audio Bible reading

Reading or listening to the Bible in a language that is not your own can be quite challenging. It creates problems with understanding exactly what is being said and a lot of inspiring and encouraging messages can be missed. These are the issues being faced by millions of Hindi speakers all over the world in dire need of the Word of God in their language.

The Hindi Audio Bible offers a solution to that problem. People everywhere have the opportunity to listen to the complete Old and New Testament books from Genesis to Revelation on an easy-to-use device that is so convenient you can carry it in your pocket.

With a simple click of the button, missionaries, pastors, preachers, Hindi Christians and non-Christians alike can access the life-transforming teachings of the Bible in their own familiar tongue. Every feature on this device is designed to make ministry more effective, meaningful and engaging. Now, you can build your faith and share the gospel with a simple touch and a willing heart.