Spanish Audio Bible reading

Listen to the Bible in Spanish, take it wherever you go and touch the lives of others. Thanks to Audio Bible, people in the historically Catholic country of Spain and Spaniards everywhere can readily access the Word of God in their native tongue. This means that the Bible can now be distributed to millions of people throughout the earth who are in dire need of the gospel.

You can listen to the complete Old Testament and New Testament on your Audio Bible player, on DVD or download it to your MP3 or iPod devices. Understanding the inspiring and life-changing messages in the Scripture is no longer a challenge. Every verse, chapter, and book has been accurately translated into Spanish and can be heard read aloud with a clear and high-quality sound.

Reach your friends and family, evangelize, enhance your Bible studies and personal devotions or give as a gift. It is affordable and easy-to-use with specially designed features, convenient, compact size and great interaction.