Dr J Vernon McGee Thru the Bible audio player, J Vernon McGee

If you are a big fan of Dr J Vernon McGee or if you want to learn more about The Bible you are at the right place, welcome.You can now listen to all of Dr J Vernon McGee's Thru The Bible Radio programs on a VERY EASY to use handheld device. Over 1300 Thru The Bible Radio programs, in total over 434 hours Of J Vernon McGee commentary.You will love the J Vernon McGee Thru The Bible audio player. All of the J Vernon McGee Thru The Bible Radio programs are on this single player. You will never miss a program again and it is all word for word, by Dr J Vernon McGee.If you are a Bible beginner or a Bible expert you will absolutely love this player. The Thru The Bible Radio program is on over 800 radio stations and translated into 105 different foreign languages.If you are looking to know more about The Bible You can listen to Dr J Vernon McGee Thru The Bible audio player. In Dr McGee's own words, all of the chapters of the Bible are covered and many of the verses. This is the complete J Vernon McGee commentary and Bible study.If you want to learn more about The Bible and deep dive into God's Word, Dr J Vernon McGee Thur The Bible radio player will let you feast on God's Word.Dr J Vernon McGee has a very simple and straightforward way of explaining the Bible. J Vernon McGee connects all the dots in many many areas of scripture. He ties it all together so that it's easy to understand. Even if you are a new believer or Bible expert Dr J Vernon McGee commentary will explain things in a simple and easy way for you to understand.This will be your # 1 Bible study tool.

Frequently asked Questions

What Bible did J Vernon McGee use?

The King James Bible is used as the Bible reference for the Thru the Bible radio programs. One of the sections in the beginning of the programs explains what Bibles he like and what Bible concordances and Bible reference materials he uses as well. Very interesting knowledge to get you started.

When was Thru the Bible recorded?

Dr J Vernon McGee started a couple of different Bible study through out his 50 years in ministry. He had a 2.5 year Bible study. The actual Thru the Bible radio programs started in 1967 and the program is a full 5 year Bible study.

What is Thru the Bible radio network?

With over 1200 radio stations in North America and in over 160 countries around the world in over 100 languages. Thru the Bible radio network's mission is to bring the whole Word to the whole world. May God bless us all.