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Alexander Scourby

Alexander Scourby was born in Brooklyn, New York. He studied journalism briefly before taking up acting. He is best remembered for being the first to narrate the King James Bible for the blind; it was completed in 1944. Scourby recorded over 500 different books during his lifetime; he considered the KJV Bible to be his most important work. Alexander Scourby is considered the best Audio Bible narrator of the King James Audio Bible.


Bob Souer

Bob Souer is a graduate of Trinity International University. He has narrated documentaries, television and radio programs and commercials for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Truth in Action Ministries, PBS, Gideon's International, American Family Association, Focus on the Family, Fishnet Ministries and many other ministries and organizations. He received a Audie award in May 2014 for his narration of "Leadership Secrets of the Salvation Army". He is currently working full-time as a voice talent from his own studio in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA. Bob Souer is consider the best Audio Bible narrator for the NKJV Audio Bible. If you are looking for a smooth sounding narrator of the Bible, Bob Souer is an excellent choice.


Dan Wagner

Dan Wagner does a wonderful slow Audio Bible reading of the KJV Audio Bible. Dan Wagner's Audio Bible reading is also available on the One Year Bible audio player. Dan is considered one of the best Bible narrators. Dan's Bible reading audio style is slow and is a joy to listen to. If you are looking for a person who narrates the Bible smooth and steady, Dan Wagner is an excellent Bible reader choice. 


David Heath

David Heath is veteran stage actor, performing in more than one hundred productions. He has recorded many audio books, including Christian classics by Thomas Kempis, Francis Shaeffer, and John Piper.


J Vernon McGee

J Vernon McGee is included in this list of Bible narrators for his 5 year Bible commentary program. With more than 1300 radio programs explaining all of the 1189 Bible chapters of the Bible and most of the verses. The total of 434 hours of Bible commentary in simple English puts this Audio Bible reader a must have for people who need an explanation of Bible chapters or if you want a deeper understanding of God's Word. This Bible commentary in simple English is highly recommend for beginning Bible users or for more advanced Bible readers. J Vernon McGee Through the Bible radio programs are on 100s of radio stations every day.


Max McLean

Max McLean was born in Panama City, Panama. Due to his father's military career, 'home' included many places across the continental United States, the Far East, and Europe. He is a trained actor that gave up the theater after becoming a Christian. While attending seminary he was encouraged to use his theatrical talent to take God's Word to the people. Max McLean is President of Fellowship for the Performing Arts incorporated in 1991 as a means to support his work of expressing faith through the dramatic arts. He is also the narrator for the Listener's Bible audio line, and speaker on the daily radio program Listen to the Bible. Max's Bible reading audio style is considered the most theatrical Audio Bible voices. Max McLean is a person who narrates the Bible in a style that keeps your attention in the Word of God. Max McLean is a very entertaining narrator of the Bible.


Mike Kellogg

Mike Kellogg is from Detroit Michigan, attended college at Cedarville Collage in Ohio. He has been with the Moody Bible Institute for over 31 years working for many years in the production area. He is now a senior announcer with Moody Radio and host of Music Thru the Night. Kellogg seeks to minister to the late-night listener, by presenting the message of Christ. Kellogg can also be heard on the two-minute daily broadcast Today in the Word. Kellogg was the winner of the 1980-1981 Religion in Media Award for his role in the dramatic radio presentation of Treasures of the Snow. He and his wife, six children and 10 grandchildren and live in Valparaiso, Indiana.


Paul Mims

Paul Mims has a Bible reading audio style that is slow and this style makes it easier to understand the Bible. Paul Mims is considered one of the best Bible narrators. Paul's KJV Audio Bible reading is used on the One Year Bible audio player. Paul has taught Seminary students in St. Petersburg, Russia and Tiruvuru, India. He has been on other mission trips to China and France helping spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.


Red Jeffries

Red Jefferies, a successful actor, narrator and radio announcer, is committed to communicating the Word of God clearly and understandably through this refreshing narration of the Bible, with 3.5 million of his Bible recordings distributed throughout the world. Red Jefferies as a Bible reader has a deep baratone voice.


Stephen Johnston

Stephen Johnston has narrated and sold more translations of the Bible than any other person in history. Stephen is considered one the very best Bible narrators in the world. Stephen has one of the most recognized Audio Bible voices. He graduated from college with a BA in Radio and Television, and planned to become a news announcer. In 1976 he was approached about narrating the New Testament on cassette.  Stephen as a Bible reader has international reputation as a very popular narrator of the Bible, receiving many awards including an Emmy, the New York Film Critics Award, the National Silver Microphone Award and the Army Commendation Award. Stephen is a person who narrates the Bible in a smooth baritone voice.


Steve Webb

Steve Webb has narrated the complete Bible twice. The first time was for the Lifespring Family Bible podcast, in which he takes the listener through the Bible in one year. The second time was for the Douay Rheims Audio Bible. Steve has been a follower of Christ since his teen years, and was called in 2004 to create the first Christian podcast. He is a full time voice actor, husband, father and grandfather. His ultimate goal is to hear the words, "Well done, good and faithful servant," when he meets Jesus face to face.


Todd Busteed

Todd Busteed graduated with honors from Loyola University, going to work with Moody Broadcasting Network during this time. He has produced and been deeply involved in several productions over the years including Adventures in Odyssey and the Chronicles of Narnia. He is currently teaching at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. Todd Busteed is considered the best narrator of the Bible for the NLT dramatized Bible.