Pick an Audio Bible by format

EASIEST Bible reader Very simple to use, comes in 11 different English versions and 28 other languages. Continuously play the Bible for hours if you want. Listen to the Bible at work, home, in your car or sleep and listen to the Bible at night. Our very best seller.

Electronic Bible Your Bible arrives complete and fully loaded with Old and New Testament.  Simple to use, great for visually impaired people. Rechargeable, has ear buds so you have the option of  listening quietly.  You can take it with you wherever you go.  The good quality  microphone allows you to play it in your home for a bible study group.

Bible on CD Listen and absorb the word of God as you work in your home,  travel, conduct bible study or just sit and enjoy.  Turn on your CD player and go to sleep hearing the comforting words of God. Conveniently packaged in a nylon zipper case that you can carry with you wherever you go and keep your CD's safe.

Download Bible The download Bible allows you to instantly get your Audio Bible with no shipping cost and immediately available to you after purchase. There are a variety of Bible versions, so you can download as many as you need.  Putting it on your computer, you can download it to your iPod, MP3 or iPad