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• New Revised Standard Version New Testament
• New Testament Only
• Length: 18 Hours and 46 Minutes of Bible Reading
• Recorded at 128 KBPS, total file size is 1GB for installation of the NRSV New Testament
• Each chapter is on its on individual track so you can select the exact book and chapter you want to listen to.
Voice narrator/Artist:
• Marquis Laughlin is a performance artist whose life's work is enabling audiences to hear, see, and feel the God of the Bible.
• His voice can be heard daily as the narrator for The Scriptorium-Center for Biblical Antiquities, located in Orlando, Florida.
• He maintains an active touring schedule, taking the Bible to such places as the Forum of Trajan in Rome Italy.
• Marquis Laughlin is a World Vision Artist committed to meeting the needs of the poor, as he shares Gospel message.
Translation Information:
• New Revised Standard Version Audio Bible or the NRSV
• Number of Translators: 30
• Published in 1990 to be a Bible for all people.
• Translation is a balance between word-for-word and thought-for thought


60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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    NRSV Audio Bible MP3

    by Gary Z.

    Marquis Laughlin does an excellent job reading the Scriptures here. His voice is clear and understandable. He does not read too fast as some do but at a pace you can easily follow. The NRSV is clearly understood and a flows nicely. One point is I wish the MP3's had ID3 tags but that is easily fixed with an editor. Hope fully the Old Testament read by Marquis Laughlin will be available sometime. Very happy with my purchase.

  • 5

    NRSV Bible download

    by Robert M

    Provides what I wanted and needed.

  • 5


    by Katerina Taumaoe

    My husband wanted to listen to the Bible while driving and not having to mess around with CD's. It is now on his IPOD and it connects to his car stereo and it has been the best purchase for him. He does a lot of driving and its perfect company. He has almost finished the whole NT because of this.