Biblia Sagrada em Portugues Bible reading

Millions of people who speak Brazilian Portuguese have the opportunity to hear the Word of God in their own native language. Thanks to the Portuguese Audio Bible, you can listen to every word of the Old and New Testament and understand them. There is no need to struggle to interpret a foreign language because that barrier has been broken.

Ministers can change the way they evangelize and reach more people. Bible studies, group meetings, and personal devotions will be enhanced as you hear the message of salvation, hope, and love or you can help build someone’s faith by giving it as a gift. This device has amazing and interactive features, and it’s easy to navigate. With the click of the button, you can find any book of Bible you desire—it will even talk back to you.

The quality of sound and narration is excellent! You can take it with you anywhere and its size is so compact and convenient, it will even fit into your shirt pocket. Having the Portuguese Audio Bible will change your life and that of others desperately in need of the gospel.