Creole Audio Bible reading

Creole is spoken by millions of people everywhere and there is an urgent need to share the Bible with them. In Haiti, although French is the official language, Creole is really the language most popular among the people. They must have access to the Word of God in their own language. Audio Bible has made this possible.

You can now hear the Old and New Testament books read aloud in the Creole tongue. With the Creole Audio Bible player, every word is clearly narrated so that the listener can understand. Finding your way through each page can be done simply by the click of a button and it will even talk back to you.

This device is so easy to carry that it will fit into your pockets. You can use it for your evangelism ministry, share with friends and family or for your own private devotions to build your faith. Teach someone about the good news of the gospel, the stories of Jesus’ miracles and learn about His amazing love as you listen to the Creole Audio Bible with high-quality sound and perfect narration.