How do I load my Audio Bible on my MP3 player?


 This is a quick tutorial on copying your new Audio Bible files to a portable media player.

The process works differently for iPod, so if you have one of those devices please watch the video we've put together for iPod users. If you have any other make of player then you're in the right place. The easiest way of copying MP3 files onto a portable device is to simply use the windows explorer that's built right into your windows operating system. Virtually all modern portable devices have a special USB jack for connecting the device to your computer. Let's take advantage of that. Just plug it in. When you do your device will show up in Windows Explorer as one of your drives. You can view its contents just like you would your hard drive.

If using your device for the first time, keep in mind that you might need to install some driver software first. Now let's create a special folder where our audio bible will reside on the device. When ready, locate the files you want to transfer on your CD rom. You can transfer just a handful of files, individual books, or the entire Audio Bible. In this example, we'll transfer the Book of Luke. Simply drag the files or the entire folder onto the folder of the portable media device that you created.

Keep in mind that some devices are very particular about their file structure. So be sure to check the documentation of your device before creating and moving a bunch of folders around. In a few moments, your files will be present on your device and ready to play whether at home or on the road. This concludes our tutorial. Thanks for watching.