King James Bible download - Bible audiobook by Paul Mims

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• Complete KJV Download for MP3 and iPod Players.
• Both Old Testament and New Testament
• Length: 78 Hours and 20 Minutes of Bible Reading
• Recorded at 64 KBPS, total file size is 2.5 GB for installation of the entire Bible
• Each chapter is on its on individual track so you can select the exact book and chapter you want to listen to.
Voice narrator/Artist:
• Narrated by Dr. Paul Mims
Translation Information:
• King James Version
• The KJV is a word for word translation.
• Word for Word Translation
• Number of Translators: 54


60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Recent Customer Reviews:

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  • 5

    Audio Bible downloads

    by Carole T

    Very good quality. I am enjoying listening to the Bible. My downloads were very good.

  • 5

    Good voice for reading the scriptures

    by John J.

    I am glad you can listen to a sample of the bible narrator so you can see whose voice sounds best to you. I personally liked this one that I bought.

  • 5

    King James Audio download

    by Olwich S.

    This is one of the best Bible audio out there. Ever since I heard the sound of the narrator Paul Mims a few years ago, I haven't stopped listening to it. I bring this download just about everywhere I go to. I love hearing the word of GOD, and this is a must have for every believer. The audio is very anointed, and has helped me grow spiritually in the word of GOD in all aspects of life. Glory to God!

  • 5

    very pleased

    by frederick s curley

    am very pleased with this narration. avoids dramatizatized reading without sound flat or monotone, very well done.

  • 5

    I ordered this for my mom, 84, who has Parkinson's

    by June C. Gary

    She just loves it. She can no longer hold her Bible to read, and this has been a real blessing to her.

  • 5


    by Robert D. Atkins Jr

    As always they have quality products. I have the NLT on DVD and it helped me.

  • 4

    best ever and all should have one

    by Cleta Crawford

    greatest tool every to have great to use in car and away from home and in compact so don't have to carry around my bible and have it get damaged. Everyone should get one.

  • 5

    Blessings as I drive

    by Christine M Perry

    what an excellent way to hear GODS word, as I drive. I spend 1 1/2 - 2 hours a day commuting to work. This audio bible allows me to stay on track with my reading plans and be blessed by his presence no matter where I am at. I recommend this to everyone! Turn off the news & turn on the good news!

  • 5

    Audio Bible Review


    I have enjoyed my audio bible and I play my bible while driving and during the evenings. My audio bible is one of the best investments I've ever made and the audio format has permitted me to listen to the bible in its entirety and gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the Word of God.

  • 5

    King James Bible Narrated by Paul Mims

    by Keith Bosley

    I have found this bible wonderful. The voice is very clear. I pray, that I can order other things in the future.