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• English Standard Version 2008 - Audio Bible ESV
• Both Old Testament and New Testament
• Length: 69 Hours and 27 Minutes of Bible Reading
• Includes Audio Bible player, built in speaker, earbuds, (electrical wall charger and solar panel) to charge the battery, manual
• Each chapter is on its on individual track so you can select the exact book and chapter you want to listen to.
• Raised buttons to easily navigate forward and backward between each book and each chapter of the Bible
• As you navigate, the Audio Bible will talk back to you and tell you exactly what book and chapter you are on
• Bookmarking button allows you to stop the unit, then return later to the exact place you were listening to before.
• Typical battery playtime under normal operating conditions: 5 – 14 hours
• Rock solid construction, water resistant, operates in harsh environments
• Small fits in shirt pocket, 4 inches high, 2 5/16 inches wide, 1/2 inch deep
Voice narrator/Artist:
• Narrated by David Cochran Heath
Translation Information:
• English Standard Version Bible
• Published in 2001.
• Word for Word Translation
• Number of Translators: 100+
• The ESV Bible is an update of the Revised Standard Version and was Published in 2001.

FREE Shipping

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Recent Customer Reviews:

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  • 5

    Great little audio Bible reader

    by David R

    Very very pleased with the ESV audio Bible

  • 4

    ESV Audio Bible Audiobook reader

    by George H

    It is easy to use. But, it would be better if there was a way to go directly to a particular book. If I am in Genesis and want to go to Galatians, it takes a lot of clicks to get there. And sometimes I'll go past it because I don't remember the order of all the books. Anyway, other than that, it is a great resource. My wife especially likes to listen while she is sewing. Thanks and God bless!

  • 5

    Excellent audio Bible reader

    by Michael A

    Not being technically savvy,(haha) this format is easy to use. The price is reasonable and I want to say thank you for it. Michael Allen

  • 5

    Glad I chose this one!

    by Tanya T

    Easy to use. The speaker is loud enough for listening to when you're doing chores or riding in the car, and you can use it with headphones on a walk. It even fits in a girl's back jeans pocket, easily, during a walk.

  • 5

    What a blessing!

    by Gregory D

    Thank you so much for your speedy efficient service and excellent product. I love reading the word, but it's very special to be read to.

  • 5

    My mom has wet macular

    by Terry D

    My mom has wet macular degeneration and is blind. She can use the audio player with the help of her braille bumper pads. She loves the ease of operation and not get frustrated with the power button.

  • 5

    Love it!

    by Donna B

    So easy to use. Makes listening to the Bible possible as I travel and am just driving.

  • 5

    Very handy little thing. Sound

    by Phillip S

    Very handy little thing. Sound is good for a small speaker. Appreciate the solar and plug in charging modes. The word of God- what more can you say!

  • 5

    Very Happy

    by Bobby D

    I really like my audio bible. It is more enjoyable to listen while you read along.

  • 5

    Five Stars

    by Frieda S

    This is the best. I listen to it every morning when I go for my walk. I just love the small size and that I can put it into my pocket, and I love the voice of the narrator, not too dramatic. I also like it that I can go backwards and forwards on it. Awesome purchase!!

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