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• New King James Version Bible narrated by Bob Souer
• Both Old Testament and New Testament
• Complete NKJV Downloadable Audio Bible
• Length: 69 Hours and 15 Minutes of Bible Reading
• Recorded at 128 KBPS, total file size is 3.85 GB for installation of the entire Bible
• Each chapter is on its on individual track so you can select the exact book and chapter you want to listen to.
Voice narrator/Artist:
• Narrated by Bob Souer
• Bob Souer has narrated for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Translation Information:
• New King James Version
• Published in 1982
• An accurate and modern word for word translation
• Number of Translators: 119

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Recent Customer Reviews:

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  • 5
    congenial, friendly voice

    by Dominik Schmid

    Bob Souer`s narration is marked by his clear pronunciation and friendly voice. I bought 5 different Audio Bibles and like this one (and Jeffries` NASB) the most. The 128 bitrate guarantees best quality + sounds still good when lowered to 64. Perfect as well to learn English as a foreign language.

  • 5
    Nkjv is the best

    by Douglas Danner

    Nkjv ivory easy to listen to. I now spend several hours a day listening while I work, it has Ndola addictive

  • 5
    MP3 Bible

    by Dave M Switzer

    I enjoy the format - love having the bible electronically. I can take it anywhere - especially on my walks and when I am driving.

  • 5
    NKJV Audio Bible Review

    by Michael C McCall

    I really enjoy this product. The narrator has a very friendly, encouraging voice. The product was easy to download, no problems. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a New King James Version Audio Bible! The price is great too!

  • 5
    New King James Version for mp3/Ipod

    by Marilyn Geno

    I enjoy listening to the New King James version- it is easy to understand and also to locate Books/chapters. I like to listen on the computer and read along. Especially in the O.T.with so many names! It's on my Ipod for work-outs and am planning to bring it on an upcoming plane trip. Praise God

  • 4
    Product review

    by shirley shaji

    this product has been very useful for me. i listen to the Bible while working. it enables me to know the correct pronunciation of the biblical names and places. but i have problem with the luke-john books. iam not able to hear it now.

  • 5
    The Best NKJV Audio Bible

    by jonathan wood

    Of the NKJV audio bibles, I already had two which I was not happy with. I kept searching and searching until I stumbled into this one read by Bob Souer.The deepness Of his voice and the rate at which he reads it I think is excellent.I do not listen to the other NKJV'S anymore.

  • 5
    Holy Bible

    by Ron Burrell

    My opinion is,it is great! I wish I did this sooner. May God Bless!! Have a good Day.

  • 5
    Loving the pace

    by Steve Mix

    Since getting the audio Bible I've not only cruised through the New Testament in the quantity of chapters read but have also seen my quality of listening improve. The new rate has genuinely improved my hearing in a biblical sense.

  • 5
    very good buy

    by holly w mims

    great digital quality. a great way to hear God's word. Now on my Iphone